Aqua-Dek Series

aqua series

The Aqua-Dek panel is yet another in the ThruFlow™ lineup designed to save you time and money. This 2’ x 4’ panel is designed to span 24” on centre framing with moulded in and counter-sunk fastener locations – less structure means less labour and expense for you. The Aqua-Dek panel is made from copolymer polypropylene and can be mounted to wood, aluminum or steel frames.

Aqua-Dek’s unique counter-sunk fastener locations make for a marine decking solution that is easy to install, and easy on your wallet.

The Aqua-Dek panel is also environmentally and user friendly. It weights 9.4 lbs which is 75% less than a 2” x 6” piece of lumber, or 65% less than 5/4” pressure treated deck board. Its 45% open surface area allows sunlight and water to pass through reducing the impact on the surrounding environment and protecting your structure against rough weather damage. The open surface area also means no standing water creating a safe, non-slip walking surface area. The Aqua-Dek Series panels are also barefoot friendly, they will not heat up in the sun as they are UV resistant.

Last but not least the Aqua-Dek panel requires zero maintenance. This panel will not warp, rot or split, and there will be no need to stain or treat it giving you more time to enjoy this marine decking solution.

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